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New ItemM & R Liquor, a liquor store in Amarillo and Perryton, is your one stop shop for all of your beer, wine, spirit, and party needs. Sign up for our email newsletter to see weekly specials on wine, beer, and spirits as well as our in-store events! Our M & R Liquor staff is happy to help you find your old favorites or even recommend something new! Each week we will bring you new specials, so be on the lookout to find your savings! Every day we offer excellent feature pricing in addition to hundreds of in-store specials on wine, beer, and spirits. We also offer case pricing on 6 or more 1.75Lt bottles, mix or match.

M & R Liquor makes parties easy and fun! We often get asked “How much beer, wine, and spirits do I need for my event?” We would love to help you with this service and provide you with an estimated drink plan!

Not sure what gift to buy? Give a gift certificate to M & R Liquor! You can also visit us during the holidays for the perfect gift that includes free gift wrapping with a purchased item! These in-store events are announced in our newsletter!


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Throughout the month we will bring you in-store tastings events including wine, beer, and spirits. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to see what items we will be trying along with a special discount, we can help you discover your new favorite! Whether you enjoy wine, beer, or spirits we will be sure to taste you on plenty of items. We are committed to not only giving our customers the lowest prices in the area, but we are also committed to educating them on everything that we have to offer! If we do not have a liquor product that you are searching for, we love to be educated as well! Give us the item details and we will do the research for you with a special order!

Employee Pick

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Dianna’s Pick

The Sheriff of Buena Vista
A really good blended red that was made to honor the Sheriff of Sonoma County. Those who like Cabernet and Merlot will definitely enjoy this wine!

Chopping An Agave Plant


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Shop Local.

M & R Liquor is home of the area’s lowest prices. People come from all over the panhandle to shop at M & R and we proudly serve them. When you walk through the door we want you to have a feeling of home. Our customer service is unrivaled by anyone else, so sock it away at M & R Liquor!

From our family to yours, Cheers!

Hand Selected


Jack Daniels
Crown Royal Select Single Barrel
Woodford Double Oaked
Herradera Double Barrel Reposado

Drink like a VIP with M & R Liquor’s Hand Selected Barrels. Our hand selected barrels are unique to our liquor stores in Amarillo and Perryton and chosen by us to be some of the best available! To date, M & R Liquor has specifically chosen seven Single Barrel Jack Daniels, two Buffalo Trace Single Barrel Bourbon, two Crown Select Single Barrel. We have also chosen two Herradura Double Barrel Reposado, Woodford Double Oaked Single Barrel, and a Knob Creek Single Barrel. This selection allows us to appreciate and know our spirits on a whole new level because no two barrels are the same. We look forward to a one-of-a-kind barrel to our one-of-a-kind clientele.

Inside Look At M&R Liquor


Helpful TipsTequila should be 100% agave (which it will say on the label).Higher price does not always mean you will like it better. There are plenty of mid-range wine, beer, and spirits that you may enjoy! Don’t be afraid to try new liquor items!Give any wine, beer, or spirit you taste at least 3 sips before making a final judgment. Give your pallet time to adjust to what you are tasting!Always lay down your corked wines in order to keep the cork moist. Allowing the cork to dry can cause it to crack and allow air to seep in. This air affects the quality of the wine.Always pour your beer into a glass with a good ½ inch collar of foam. This allows the flavors and the aromas of the beer to be released, which allows you to enjoy the beer as it was meant to be tasted.


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13 years straight!

We know we have the best prices in the area, we know we have the best customers in the area, and we strive to give the best service around. We thank you for your continued support!

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